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Funko at Toy Fair 2020: Pop!, Soda, and a lot more

by Sean P. Aune | March 2, 2020March 2, 2020 9:30 am EST

Funko is still best known for its Pop! figures, but the company is expanding into multiple new product lines, and one of them definitely got our attention.

Funko Soda is a new vinyl figure line that comes in a soda can replica. You pull the top of the can off (which you can place back on when done) and you find a token inside telling you if you got the main version or the chase, and you get a vinyl figure. You essentially get three collectibles in one. How many of each figure is made is also printed on the can so you know the exact edition size.

After seeing them in person at Toy Fair, I fully admit I ordered multiple ones for myself and I may be in love. But there is no Boo Berry yet, and that’s just not acceptable since they did Franken Berry and Count Chocula.

Funko will be venturing into the toy aisle for the first time with a new product line called Snapsies. For $10 you will get a Snapsie figure you can assemble from the included parts. Once you buy a second Snapsie, things will change a bit as you can then intermix the pieces and make your own original characters.

Other new products hitting shelves are Boogey Monsters which will be randomized figures that you will dig out of slime-filled noses with fake fingers.

The last new product line is the Gashouse Gang which has a bit of a Madball vibe to them. There will be vinyl figures as well as plush dolls.

Of course, the staple of Funko’s offerings will remain the ever-popular Pop! figures. From American Psycho to ZZ Top, there was an amazing array of figures on display. You have to wonder how any one company can manage this many different licenses, but Funko makes it work.

Some of the notable upcoming Pop! figures include Inu Yasha, a second series of Pokemon, the Good Place, the 18-inch Batman – a first at the size – Motorhead, and a whole lot more.

We always enjoy hitting the Funko booth at Toy Fair, even if it leaves us a bit overwhelmed at times.



Sean P. Aune

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