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Mezco’s Gambit is a sure thing

by Brian Warshaw | September 13, 2020September 13, 2020 8:30 am EDT

Like Venom, Hulk, or a number of others, Gambit was one of those comic book characters that a young me enjoyed purely for his surface qualities. Something about the staff, the cards, the Bayou accent—I just thought he was neat. Probably didn’t hurt that he was a cool playable character in some of the video games I used to mess around with in the 90’s, either.

Unlike Venom, Hulk, and a number of other characters, I haven’t made any attempt to connect my childhood fascination with Gambit to his appearances in the comics. But when Mezco revealed their One:12 Collective take on this manly mutant, I didn’t hesitate for a second—I was 10 again in an instant, except I had disposable income, and so I preordered Gambit right away.

Well, he’s finally arrived, and I’ve got to say, he’s awesome, from the look, to the accessories, to that amazing coat, and the various energy states and options for his signature playing cards. The construction is to Mezco’s usual high standards, and I couldn’t be happier with the build.

Things are a bit less impressive close up, when you consider the paint application around the collar. This will surely seem like nitpicking to some, but considering the $85 price tag, and Mezco’s usual meticulousness, this is unexpected. It doesn’t derail the whole thing by any means, but it is a little bit disappointing.

The number of accessories might also seem disappointing at first glance. If I compare my Gambit accessory bag to any of my others, it certainly looks like Remy got the short end of the bow-staff. Is Mezco skimping to maximize profit? I would say no. It’s true that there are fewer accessories than on Batman, Moon Knight, and others, but there’s also that gorgeous faux-leather duster to consider. Gambit’s coat is indeed far more sophisticated than the clothing on most Mezco figs, and I would bet that we’re seeing a lot of the figure’s pricing allocated to that, as opposed to the usual slew of accessories. And if I have to choose, I’ll choose what they gave us, because the coat really is fantastic.

Anyway, that’s the scoop on Mezco’s beau LeBeau. You can still get on the waitlist, or if you don’t mind a $15 premium, there are still a few on Amazon as of time of writing.

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