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Playmates at Toy Fair 2020: Ben 10, Power Players, and more

by Sean P. Aune | March 3, 2020March 3, 2020 10:34 am EST

Playmates is always a highlight of Toy Fair. Colorful displays, fun designs, it’s just a booth we always look forward to. However, things were slightly different this year as two major new lines were locked down (Godzilla vs. Kong and Billie Eilish), so we were limited in what we could get to see.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line had no new additions this year as a change appears to be coming to the animated series. This means the toy line is in a bit of a holding pattern for the time being.

Even with all of that, there was still a lot to see as other lines are still going strong and others are coming up.

First up, Ben 10 is still going strong and has a lot of new products were on display.

Ben 10 Action Figures 2020

  • The action figure assortment grows in 2020 to include figures based on season 4 of the Cartoon Network animated series, allowing kids to recreate their favorite adventures from the show!
  • Ranging in height up to 5″ tall, each figure is highly detailed and articulated, and comes equipped with themed accessories for added play.
  • New figures available in Spring 2020:
    • 3 New “Omni-Kix Armor” Aliens – Omnix-Kix Armor Humungousaur, Omni-Kix Armor Jetray, Omni- Kix Armor Four Arms
    • 5 New “Out of the Omnitrix” themed Aliens – Out of the Omnitrix Heatblast, Out of the Omnitrix Diamondhead, Out of the Omnitrix Four Arms, Out of the Omnitrix Cannonbolt, Out of the Omnitrix XLR8 – 4 New “Alien World” themed Aliens – Alien World Cannonbolt, Alien World Heatblast, Alien World Overflow, Alien World Diamondhead
  • New figures available in Fall 2020:
    • Jet Pack Ben
    • Omni-Kix Armor Rath
    • 2 New “Omni-Glitch Heroes” allowing kids to create their own alien hybrids by mixing and
      matching different alien parts together
    • 3 New “Space Armor” figures – Space Armor Ben, Space Armor Heatblast, Space Armor

Ben 10 Playsets

  • Kids can go inside the Omnitrix and explore Alien Worlds with the 2-in-1 Micro Playsets!
  • In playset mode, a complete micro play environment allows kids to create their own alien adventures! • Kids can also fold the playset up, and it becomes a wearable Omnitrix for even more alien fun!
  • Each playset includes two micro figures and accessories.
  • Assortment includes: Micro Heatblast Playset, Micro Omnitrix Playset

Ben 10 Alien Watch Omnitrix

  • It’s Hero Time! With the Alien Watch Omnitrix, kids will never be late for battling the bad guys and saving the day!
  • It’s a real time-telling watch! Hear Ben 10 alien voices every hour!
  • The watch lights up in the dark, so kids can beat the bad guys during the day or night!

Ben 10 Omnitrix Creator

  • Kids can mix and match parts to create their own unique Omnitrix or Antitrix! There are over 100 combinations!
  • Kids can battle as Ben or Kevin!
  • Each dial activates unique SFX!
  • Includes lights & sounds!

Frozen II was everywhere at Toy Fair 2020, and Playmates was going the interactive route.

  • The all-new Disney Frozen 2 Adventure Storytelling Figures from Playmates Toys are the only Frozen 2 figures that interact with you and sing and talk with each other.
  • Each figure has sensors and I.R. technology that activate over 50 phrases each, individual songs and adventure play.
  • Each figure sings its own song inspired by the film:

Wave 1 includes:

  • Elsa’s “Into the Unknown”
  • Anna’s “The Next Right Thing”
  • Olaf’s “When I’m Older”

Wave 2 includes:

  • Elsa’s “Show Yourself”
  • Kristoff’s “Lost in the Woods”
  • Sven’s “Reindeer Are Better Than People”

With two or more figures, they sing “Some Things Never Change” together !”

  • Each figure has a head that moves, eyes that open and close, and Olaf’s mouth moves!
  • Wave 1 assortment, launching 2/22/20, includes: Anna, Elsa, and Olaf
  • Wave 2 assortment, launching Fall 2020, includes: Queen Anna, Snow Queen Elsa, Kristoff and Sven

Power Players is just such a fun looking line, and we find ourselves drawn repeatedly to the Bearbarian figure. We somehow envision that it won’t be long before he’s on our desk.

Power Players Action Figures

  • With the new figures based on the Power Players TV show, kids can now take their favorite toy-sized super heroes on adventures as they save the world from Madcap and his malignant force of twisted toys!
  • The assortment of detailed figures each stand 5 inches tall, are highly articulated and come equipped with weapons and accessories.
  • Kids can collect all the Power Players and their foes!
  • Assortment includes: Axel, Masko, Sarge, Bearbarian, Galileo, Madcap

Power Players Super Feature Figure Assortment

  • The assortment of large, 9-inch figures are packed with electronics and sound effects, bringing the Power Players to life!
  • Each figure has over 12 phrases and sound effects, helping to bring their personality to life, just like in the show!
  • Assortment includes: Super Sounds Axel and Super Stretch Masko

Power Players Axel’s Cycle with Figure

  • Kids can drive Axel into battle and send him on heroic adventures with his transforming motorcycle!
  • Axel’s Cycle transforms into off-road mode!
  • The vehicle comes with an exclusive Axel figure.
  • Assortment includes: Axel’s Cycle

Power Players Bearbarian Group Vehicle

  • Bearbearian’s Monster Truck has fist punching action! It features articulated arms that deliver powerful piston punches!
  • The group vehicle also features chomping jaws to put the BITE on the bad guys and a spoiler that converts to tailgate so that additional Power Players can ride along!
  • Bearbearian’s Monster Truck is compatible with the Power Players basic figure assortment.

Power Players Axel’s Power Sword

  • With Axel’s roleplay sword, kids can now join the Power Players and transform just like Axel, the leader!
  • Axel’s Power Sword includes the sword, team badge and power band.

Power Players Axel’s Power Bandz

  • The Power Bandz are packed full of Minergy to help kids transform into a living action figure super hero!
  • Power Bandz open and transform just like in the hit TV show, Power Players !
  • Power Bandz light up with Minergy and include 12 phrases and sound effects from the show!

Wrapping things up of the new items on display was Miraculous. Toys were previously released by another company, but Playmates has won the master toy license and the new line will launch in 2021.



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