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Most Anticipated Movies of 2019: Toy Story 4

by Danny Zepeda | December 31, 2018December 31, 2018 12:30 pm EST

This is part of our “Most Anticipated Movies of 2019” series where we take a look at some of the movies we’re most excited to watch in the new year.

The toys are back in town for a fourth adventure. Last we saw of Buzz and Woody, they parted ways with Andy and made a new home with Bonnie. Toy Story 4 will explore their new adventure with a new unstable toy in the fold, Forky, who is quite aware that he is not a real toy.

The main cast is returning for the new adventure, including Tom Hanks as Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen as Woody and Joan Cusack as Jesse. Additionally, Keanu Reeves has an unspecified role in the movie. Pixar alum Josh Cooley is taking up directorial duties this time around marking his full-length feature directorial debut.

Toy Story 4

  • Release date: June 21, 2019
  • Director: Josh Cooley
  • Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Bonnie Hunt, Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Michael Keaton
  • Predecessor: Toy Story 3



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