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Gargoyles creator hints at a possible revival

by Sean P. Aune | October 21, 2019October 21, 2019 10:30 am EDT

Gargoyles is one of those Disney properties that the company never seems to know what to do with it. Even purchasing it on DVD has been a bit of a pain, and the series has languished since its run int he 1990s.

All of that being said, there might be some life coming back to the property.

Greg Wiseman was the creator of the Gargoyles, and is one of the co-creators of Young Justice. He was recently asked by a fan to clarify the relationship between the evil Odin and Thor in the series, but he declined. Another fan asked why he wouldn’t clarify a question for a series that ended so many years ago and he replied, “Sometimes things come back.”

This could be Wiseman hoping. Or it could be a sign that something is on the move. It’s hard to say.

Gargoyles is going to be one of the Disney Plus launch day titles, so there will be potentially millions of more people exposed to the property than ever before.

Could Disney be considering a come back for this cult series? We certainly hope so!

Disney Plus launches on Nov. 12.



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