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Arcade1Up announces Killer Instinct, Tron, and Ridge Racer

by Sean P. Aune | October 7, 2021October 7, 2021 3:31 pm EDT

Arcade1Up is back with three new arcade cabinets for this holiday season.

This new lineup features the company’s second racing cabinet in the form of Ridge Racer, a new fighting game with Killer Instinct, and one of the most iconic cabinets in arcade history, Tron. And, yes, it has the light-up joystick that was so well-known back in its original release.

  • Killer Instinct Arcade Machine – For many retrogamer enthusiasts it’s a definitive title of the mid ‘90s, with the gameplay, soundtrack, and 3D-rendered graphics all revered. Relive that video game era with this stop-you-in-your-tracks arcade machine, that also includes Killer Instinct 2™, Battletoads™ (yes, the arcade version!), and bonus games hidden as Easter Eggs! Pre-orders begin November 10.
  • TRON Arcade Game – Audiences were mesmerized in 1982 by Disney’s release of the film TRON™, a groundbreaking fusion of live action and computer animation, setting the special effects stage for decades to come. Video game players were equally drawn to the TRON™ arcade machines, widely considered one of the most beautiful designs ever. TRON™ is the home arcade machines for both movie and gamer buffs. Pre-orders begin October 19.
  • Ridge Racer Arcade Game – Let’s get you up to speed: originally released in 1993, Ridge Racer™ instantly kicked the racing genre into higher gear, with its revered graphics, gameplay and music. What’s under the hood? Inside this arcade machine is the marquee game Ridge Racer™, and you’ve also got Ridge Racer 2™, Rave Racer™, Ace Driver™, and Ace Driver: Victory Lap™. Yep, all included, switch up your game any time! Pre-orders begin November 22.

A few retailers are already taking preorders, so get going if you want to get your new cabinets reserved for this holiday season.


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