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Test Your Geek IQ Quiz!

by Jon Rettinger | November 14, 2018November 14, 2018 3:30 pm EST

You read all the news every day. You’ve watched every episode of Lois & Clark multiple times. The pile of comics next to your bed is refreshed every new book day. You think you have what it takes to be the king or queen of the nerds.

We’ll be the judge of that… literally!

Take our quiz and test your mettle!


Which comic book character is made up?

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Which Spider-Man Villain dressed as a pig?
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Mario’s first appearance was in Donkey Kong, but under a different name. What was it?

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In the original pilot episode of Star Trek Kirk was not the captain. Who was it?

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What was Daredevils Father’s profession?

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Who is not a DC villain?

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Matter-Eater Lad, a member of the Legion of Superheroes, came from what planet?

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In whose comic did Wolverine first appear?

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What do Ted Kord, Jamie Hernandez, and Dr. Daniel Garrett have in common?

Smallville - The CW
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Who drew the first Batman Comic?

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Test your Geek IQ!
Casual nerd

You like to think of yourself as a nerd... we know better.
You know some things about some things

You never miss comic based movies but don't read much of them yourself.
Super nerd

You have our respect fellow nerd!
King/Queen of the nerds!

All hail your total nerdness!

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