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Quantum Leap revival open to Scott Bakula appearance

by Sean P. Aune | August 12, 2022August 12, 2022 8:30 am EDT

Will Dr. Sam Beckett find himself interacting with a new leaper? It seems it’s a possibility.


Qunatum Leap is heading back to NBC this fall with a new series that takes place 30 years after the original. Physicist Ben Song (Raymond Lee) is the head of a new project that aims to discover all the secrets behind what Dr. Beckett built and the man responsible for it.

When the original series ended, it said that Dr. Sam Beckett never found his way home. So far as anyone knows, his character is still leaping through time, and does that mean that Song could run into him?

Ernie Hudson who appears in the new series, told TV Line, “I’ve always appreciated his work. He was wonderful in the [original] series and everything I’ve seen him do.” He went on to add, “Everybody that I know involved in [the reboot] would love to see him return. I know the invitation is out there, but I don’t know what his response is.”

The new series will see Song make an unauthorized leap that leaves his team scrambling to figure out why he did it. Hudson will be playing a career military man who must answer for Park’s actions. Caitlin Bassett will play Addison, the hologram that only Song can see and will help him with each jump.

An appearance by Bakula seems like only a matter of, well, time, before it happens.

Quantum Leap will debut on Sept. 19, 2022 on NBC.


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