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Meet the Plunderlings, our newest Kickstarter obsession

by Sean P. Aune | October 9, 2019October 9, 2019 10:30 am EDT

Every so often someone decides to be ambitious and try to launch an action figure project on Kickstarter. Most of them, sadly, don’t succeed. There is one currently in progress, however, that has made its goal already and we’re in love.

Meet the Plunderlings from Lone Coconut.

The Plunderlings are a line of 1/12 scale (approx. 3.8-inches) fantasy goblin figures that adhere to different themes such as Raider and Nomad. There are two figures in each theme and they differ in colors and included accessories.

The cheapest you can walk away with a Plunderling is pledging at the $30 level, and that will get you one figure. There are progressive tiers with $58 getting you two, $86 securing three figures and so on.

As of this post, five themes for a total of 10 figures have been unlocked. These include Raider, Berserker, Nomad, Drench, and Captain.

There are two themes left to be unlocked and those are Cursed and Feral.

The  project has passed its initial goal of $65,000 and currently sits at $90,071 with six days to go.  Once complete, the figures are expected to ship by Feb. 2020.

For us at The Nerdy, we’re excited by this line as there are just so few original ideas in toy lines currently. Everything is a license of something or a reimagining of an old line. It’s refreshing to see someone trying something new. And, lets face it, they’re cute.

You can currently back the program on Kickstarter, or, if you prefer, preorder them on Big Bad Toy Store.



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