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Mattel announces new Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Cars playsets

by Sean P. Aune | March 8, 2021March 8, 2021 9:30 am EST

Every year Mattel releases a new assortment of Hot Wheels playsets, and 2021 is going to have a good assortment of them.

Mattel has a lot of new diecast vehicle products on the way this year. We’ll kick-off with six new Hot Wheels sets.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire Playset (GVK48)
SRP: $19.99 | 4Y+ | Available: Spring 2021

  • The Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Stunt TireTM folds up with a handle for portability and opens to reveal an over-the-top stunt arena for crashing, smashing and storing.
  • The assembled set is 35+ inches long with awesome features. The iconic oversized monster truck tire includes the Tiger Shark monster truck and a Hot Wheels® 1:64 scale vehicle.
  • When the set opens it reveals a launcher for either two cars or one monster truck to takeoff up the ramp and through a “ring of fire”. Then the vehicle must land just right on a platform that will flip it into the winner’s circle and rate their performance, giving kids immediate feedback on their skill!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Volcano Arena (GYL14)
SRP: $99.99 | 6Y+ | Available: Fall 2021

  • Enter the world of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with the Volcano Arena!
  • Every loop you complete angers the volcano which will light up and make noise until the T-Rex breaks through.
  • If the Hot Wheels cars don’t make it through the loop, they’ll fall into the volcano until they explode.
  • Arena includes areas for backflips, stunting, crashing and crushing cars.

Hot Wheels City Toxic Snake Strike (GTT93)
SRP: $24.99 | 5Y+ | Available: Spring 2021

  • The Hot Wheels® Toxic Snake StrikeTM play set presents an epic obstacle when kids launch their Hot Wheels® vehicle through a toxic cobra whose fangs drip with green Slime.
  • Cars not moving fast enough can get stuck, but those with the right boost will stunt through the goo and land on one of two buttons that defeat the nemesis.
  • Play set includes a reusable container of Slime to make the experience even more exciting as well as one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® car.

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash (GTT96)
SRP: $69.99 | 4Y+ | Available: Fall 2021

  • Hot WheelsTM City Ultimate Octo Car Wash is packed with 4+ feet of awesome features and comes with a car that offers multiple surprises to make kids want to visit again and again.
  • Straight out of the box, the Color RevealTM vehicle is covered in a green coating to kick off the adventures. Fill the first water tank with water, drop the car in, and swirl it around for the initial reveal: a cool Hot Wheels® vehicle with a totally sweet deco!
  • Run the car through the set — that includes a loop — letting excess water drain off while admiring the car’s awesome details. Before the final wash, fill the octopus’s head with cold water and spray the car through the tentacles to reveal another entirely different deco!

Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Rapid Launch Builder Box (GVG11)
SRP: $49.99 | 6Y+ | Available: Fall 2021

  • The all-in-one track building set that will wow any Hot Wheels® fan.
  • It features the necessary components to build three unique stunting routes that include double loops, a ramp jump, and a gnarly track configuration where cars race through a fast turn before speeding off to other adventures.
  • Kids use the innovative 4-car magazine to load cars into the centrifuge launcher that sends vehicles onto one of four exit routes for non-stop excitement.

Hot Wheels Action Massive Loop Mayhem (GTV14)
SRP: $49.99 | 5Y+ | Available: Fall 2021

  • The largest Hot Wheels loop track set ever is a huge looping challenge that’s full of excitement and thrills!
  • This epic track includes a huge 28-inch wide loop that’s designed for multi-car play — vehicles whip around the loop and avoid nail-biting near-misses with each other!
  • Kids send the first car into action using the slam launcher, then add more and more cars until there’s the inevitable crash (additional cars sold separately).
  • The challenge lies in how many cars can run at once — it’s a trick of timing and skill.

Mattels other two big diecast vehicle lines – Matchbox and Pixar’s Cars – will be getting new playsets as well as new carded cars.

Pixar Cars

Disney and Pixar Cars NASCAR Die-Cast Mix 1 (GYD38)
SRP: $4.99 | 3Y+ | Spring 2021

  • Exciting Disney and Pixar’s Cars NASCAR die-cast vehicles are ready to race right out of the pack, and a great collectible gift for Cars fans.
  • These 1:55-scale singles are exciting Cars characters with special NASCAR-inspired designs.
  • Racers come with a pit-stop barrier for authentic storytelling play. And crew members each come with their own stack of tires for lightning-fast pit stops!

Disney and Pixar Cars Color Change Dinoco Car Wash Playset (GTK91)
SRP: $19.99 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021

  • This Disney and Pixar’s Cars-themed Car Wash playset is a color-changing, interactive blast of good, clean fun.
  • Start by filling Lightning McQueen with fuel so he can make it through the wash, squeeze the Dinoco sign and watch as the cascade of water magically transforms the car’s color, and then slide McQueen off the platform, down the ramp and through the drying sponges to reveal his new paint job.
  • Repeat the fun by dunking McQueen into the cold-water tank to change his paint color back.
  • Authentic car wash features make this a super fun play set for kids who love water, interactive play and the world of Cars.


Matchbox Moving Parts Assortment (FWD28)
SRP: $1.99 | 3Y+ | Available Spring 2021

  • The collection of MatchboxTM 1:64 scale cars and trucks have a moving parts feature, like doors, a hood or trunk that open.
  • Featuring reproductions of popular car brands, these die-cast vehicles have exceptional true-to-life decoration and rolling wheels.
  • These cars are great for display or perfect for adventurous play anytime, anywhere!

Matchbox Fire Station Playset (GVY87)
SRP: $19.99 | 3Y+ | Available Spring 2021

  • With the MatchboxTM Action DriversTM Matchbox Fire Station RescueTM Playset, kids drive the adventure and emulate the work of real-life rescue heroes by putting out fires and saving the day!
  • This epic playset features a training tower with a pretend fire that pops up, and kids must drive their cars through the tower to put it out.
  • Lights and sounds are activated by pushing cars around on the set. It includes one 1:64 scale firetruck and is a thrilling gift for kids 3 and older.


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