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Jubilee Will Sit Out X-Men: Dark Phoenix

by Sean P. Aune | January 11, 2019January 11, 2019 9:49 am EST

Jubilation Lee is once again riding off into the sunset of the X-Men films without so much as a, “Thanks for your service.”

The cominbs and goings of a good chunk of the X-Men in the films has seemed fairly pointless most of the time. While you knew the big guns would be hanging around, the secondary mutants quite often showed up just as supporting characters. For instance, Jubilee showed up  in X-Men played by Katrina Florence. In X2 and X-Men: Last Stand she was played by Kea Wong. In all three of those instances she was an extra in classroom scenes. Then, in X-Men: Apocalypse it looked like she would get her big break and would be portrayed by Lana Condor (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before). And then… most of her scenes got cut.

With that sort of setup, and a big deal about her being in the last film despite cuts, you would sure think she would be back forX-Men: Dark Phoenix and surely she would be back.

Sadly, the answer is ‘no.’ “No, I didn’t end up doing Dark Phoenix ’cause I was doing To All the Boys,” Condor told Collider recently. “I hope ‘X-Men’ lives on so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to go back to that family because it’s where I feel very indebted and loyal to… It’s funny because I, of course, love ‘X-Men’ forever. ‘X-Men’ was such an incredible experience because I had never worked before, I was so excited to be there. I love Jubilee and I hope that in the future she’ll get her due.”

X-Men (FOX) [1992-1997]Shown from left: Cyclops, Jubilee, Beast, Wolverine

Will We Ever See a Live-Action Jubilee?

With the Disney acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets due to close this month, it’s not difficult to imagine the X-Men are going to be completely reset yet again. This will mean, more than likely, all new actors yet again, establishing the team and so on. It isn’t difficult to imagine that it may take some time to get around to Jubilee.

Outside of the 1990s animated series, Jubilee is a big character, but not the biggest. There are plenty of X-Men who should get their time in the spotlight, but at this point it just feels like give the poor mutant her time to shine. Or, in her case, pop off some fireworks.

The thing with Jubilee when it comes to Marvel Studios taking over the characters, she feels like a prime oppurtunity to shine. She could make a run for the Disney Princess mindset while also being set up for her own spinoff media. All we ask is if she is brought back in, let her do something more than just serve as an oppurtunity for fans to go, “Oh look, it’s Jubilee!”


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