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Funko Announces New Disney, Avatar, Titanic, and More This Week

by Sean P. Aune | December 16, 2018December 16, 2018 8:30 am EST

Funko had a heavy week touching on a lot of different lines. Lets dive in.

First up, we just grouped all of the Disney together for ease. The Lion King is getting new figures, and Nightmare Before Christmas is getting some new Myster Mini Plus.

This week also saw two new product lines in the form of two-pack Mini Vinyl figures, and we’ll also see two-packs of romantic Disney couples.

Turning to real life people, the NHL is back with a ton of new Pop! figures.

Angus Young from AC/DC will see a general release, a one-in-six chase figure with horns, and an exclusive for FYE.

Leonardo DiCaprio gets a lot of love this week with Pop! figures from two of his movies.

Titanic will see two single releases and a two-pack for Target.

Then Romeo and Juliet will see a one-in-six chase as well as a two-pack for Target.

And wrapping up this week is Avatar, The Last Airbender. There will be a one-in-six chase figure of Zuko.

Hot Topic’s exclusive will also have a one-in-six chase.

And, finally, the Funko Insider Club at GameStop will have an exclusive of Azula.



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