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Masters of the Universe Eternia playset coming to Mattel Creations

by Sean P. Aune | October 8, 2022October 8, 2022 8:30 am EDT

Mattel is traveling back to the world of Eternia with a new version of the playset for the Masters of the Universe toy line.


Mattel is jumping into the world of crowdfunding in a big way with the physically massive remake of the Eternia playset from Masters of the Universe. Measuring a massive 3 feet by 4 feet, this set will be the center point of any Masters of the Universe collection.

The original playset was released in 1986 with a suggested retail price of $89.99. The new one will run $550 plus $50 shipping. The funding round will open up on Oct. 12 at 9am Pacific. If it can get 5,000 backers by Oct. 19 an exclusive figure of King Grayskull in the Origins style will be included.

What all will you get for the $550? Quite the list of features.

Join the Battle for Eternia! Locked in an everlasting war, this Eternia playset is swarming with action-packed features and hidden surprises. The Grayskull Tower and the Viper Tower flank the Eternia Tower as the forces of good and evil wage war. March into combat and fund the playset for the ultimate centerpiece to your MOTU collection.

  • Masters of the Universe Origins Eternia Playset
  • 3ft x 4ft for an epic display*
  • Working battle tram, elevators, trap doors, and more
  • King Grayskull has 16 points of articulation and is a special-edition character available for the crusaders who brave the crowdfund during the first week

At 5,000 Backers – You get the Masters of the Universe Origins Eternia Playset, an epic display that will bring your MOTU collection to life

Early Backer Bonus – When the Eternia Playset is funded, all orders received between 10/12 and 10/19 will receive the King Grayskull figure, a key to the history and mystery of Eternia

This iconic playset is the ultimate tribute to the everlasting battle between good and evil, but we can’t do it without your help. Share the crowdfund with your fellow friends, family, heroes, and villains to bring the Eternia Playset home!

Learn more about this epic display below and don’t forget to check out the FAQ!

*Because this item is large and heavy, a surcharge of $50 will apply to US orders and a surcharge will apply to International orders.

When we first unveiled the Eternia Playset at SDCC22, the fans went nuts. Today, we’re calling on every member of the MOTU Army to join this crusade, starting 10/12 and ending 11/9, to fund the playset.

To unlock the ultimate battleground we need 5,000 backers. Keep reading more about this massive playset and why it’s full of MOTU awesomeness.

This expansive playset brings both sides of the battle for Eternia. At Grayskull Tower, you can capture He-Man’s evil foes with a trap door and opening gate. In Snake Mountain Tower, you can control the snake head to lunge and bite at any interloping heroes.

The middle Tower of Eternia hosts many surprises, including the Lion’s Head entryway that captures would-be intruders and the sculpted details in the moat. The pinnacle of the tower is armed with a double-barrel cannon that shoots missile projectiles.

Inside the main tower, an elevator moves your figures up through the second and third levels. On the third level, the training room and armory has a maneuverable Horde Trooper dummy that is remotely controlled by a chair in the command center on the second level.

This massive 3’x4’ playset is surrounded by a monorail system with a motorized tram that zips around the three towers. Attach one of three different vehicles and move your figures around the battle.

In order to rally the troops, we created our royal Early Backer Bonus. The MOTU fans who commit before 10/19 will get a limited-edition King Grayskull figure to rule over your Ultimate Battleground Playset.

Eternia is expected to ship on or before March 29, 2024.


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