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Zombaes Forever Review – Love lasts forever

by Sean P. Aune | October 4, 2022October 4, 2022 3:33 pm EDT

The spooky season is upon us, and that seems like the perfect time to take a look at Zombaes Forever from Spin Master.

Launched this year, Zombaes Forever is a collectible line of 3.5-inch dolls with interchangeable parts. The line is split into two different price points with mystery packaged coffins with a single figure, and larger two figure sets that are marked as to which one you are receiving.

Spin Master provided us with both a single coffin figure and the Zombadie to Love set. Kicking things off with the single coffin figure, here is the description of what to expect.

  • SURPRISE COLLECTIBLE DOLL: Inside the coffin, find a stylish Zombaes Forever fashion doll with 1-2 doll accessories, stickers, a stand, and collector card! Each detailed 3.5-inch doll has a witty name and her own look!
  • UNIQUE UN-COFFIN-ING: These surprise dolls for girls have an exciting unboxing! Pull the tab on the box to find her coffin and open it to reveal your trendy small doll! Will you find the rare?
  • MIX N’ MATCH LOOKS: Perfect for creative pretend play, swap your character’s hair and legs with another doll to switch up her look! Lift her hair to find 1 of 4 surprise designs on her glitter brain!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect and un-coffin all 10 Zombaes Forever girls toys (dolls each sold separately), including Miss Everlasting, Rock In Peace, Cold Hearted, rare Glitter Bomb and more!

Our coffin contained Miss Everlasting. You receive a collector card that matches your figure, a sticker sheet, and a coffin-shaped catalog that shows you all of the figures currently available. The figure is in a blind bag, along with the accessories.

The figure itself is done up in purple to give you a bit of that undead look, but the real attention grabber for us were the eyelashes. The size and length of them were a pleasant surprise when you so often expect them to be painted on.

The clothes are of a simple rubber, but decorated well to really add some life to the dolls. Really, our only negative is there was no really indication of how to put the clothes on, and after attempting to remove her head for some time which felt the logical way to do it, we finally realized it had to be done by fitting her legs through the dress and sliding it up. Once we got over that small hiccup it was smooth sailing.

The removable hair is a nice touch giving you a surprising look at your Zombaes’ brain. It’s done up in a nice pink, giving you some nice contrast from the body.

Once you’re all done getting your Zombae done up the way you want, her coffin doubles as a fun display that is a welcome change from so much disposable packaging. We always love a usable package.

Overall it’s a fun twist on the mystery package concept, and one we really enjoyed spending some time with.

On to the bigger two-pack with two unique figures.

  • 2 EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE DOLLS: This wedding-themed set has 2 stylish Zombaes Forever girls toys, a cake, coffin with a pet, 2 stands and a collector card! Each detailed 3.5-inch doll wears a gown and suit!
  • SURPRISE PET UN-COFFIN-ING: The Zombadie to Love Deluxe Set comes with a pet coffin – open it to find a super cute forever friend to add to your small doll pretend play storytelling!
  • BOX BECOMES A PLAYSET: The reusable box transforms into a doll playset with themed backdrops, perfect for telling the story of this couple’s everlasting love! Walk down the aisle, then celebrate with cake!
  • MIX N’ MATCH LOOKS: Swap your character’s hair and legs with each other or with any of the dolls to switch their looks! Lift their hair to discover surprise designs on their glitter brains!

We dived into the wedding set and came out pleasantly surprised. Opening the package you’re presented with three different areas of mystery packages to open. Even the black and purple tissue paper containing some of the items stays very much on brand and added to the fun of this set.

As with the smaller blind item, nearly every part of the package is usable as a display when you’re done opening the items.

Side note on the photos, I made a mistake when I shot my photos and didn’t realize the bride’s veil could fit over her hair. So it looks even better than it does in the photos.

Like the smaller figure the set is great, but the addition of accessories such as the cake, the pet, and the mini-coffin make it just much more fun.

Monster-based figures are fun any time of the year, but with Halloween rapidly approaching, Zombaes Forever would be a fun way to add a few more spooks to your life and decorations.

Zombaes Forever are available from all major retailers, and definitely get our seal of approval for fun.

DISCLAIMER: Spin Master provided us with the Zombaes Forever sets for the purposes of this review.

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