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Jazwares at Toy Fair 2020: Halo, Micro Machines, and more

by Sean P. Aune | March 7, 2020March 7, 2020 8:30 am EST

Jazwares had a super impressive showing at Toy Fair 2020. There was a lot to take in, so lets just dive in.

One thing we’re not allowed to show you is the upcoming Blackpink line based on the popular Korean pop band. We saw a good assortment of products including dolls, mini figures, sing-a-long microphone, and more. It’s coming this year and it’s going to make some fans very happy.

But of the things we can show you, lets start with the return of Micro Machines. This long-retired line is coming back and starting off with the return of sam fan favorites. You can expect sports cars, trucks, singles, 3-packs, 5-packs, playsets, and even Super Van City.

Halo is coming in a big way. The 3.75-inch figures will have terrain bases you can connect and they will all be in scale to one another. (meaning Master Chief is bigger than 3.75)

And while the role-play items, and a 1:1 scale Master Chief helmet are nice and all, one thing really stunned us. The 12-inch trend that has taken the industry by storm is nice an all, but posability has not been great. The Halo 12-inch will have knee and elbow joints and come in at a price of $9.99. This was truly one of the stunners of the show.

Wrapping things up (of what we could show you) new Cabbage Patch Dolls are on the way with a Jojo Siwa doll and more.

Pokemon will launch a My Partner Eevee in Aug. for $19.99 while Snooze Action Snorlaz will arrive in the Fall for $29.99.

There was a lot we couldn’t show you yet including new Domez, Zoteki, and a fun updates to the Blinger that will let you bedazzle just about anything.

Jazwares has a big year ahead of it, but of everything, those 12-inch Halo figures are top of our list.



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