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IMC at Toy Fair 2020: Cry Babies, Pets, and more

by Sean P. Aune | March 4, 2020March 4, 2020 4:32 pm EST

IMC had a massive 2019 thanks to its Cry Babies line, and it looks like it’s set to repeat in 2020.

At Toy Fair 2020 IMC showed off its extensive and growing Cry Babies line, including some new concepts. First up, and one that we really dug, is Cry Babies Goodnight Coney.

Cry Babies Goodnight Coney is making all your dreams come true! The softest and most cuddly Cry Baby of them all! When you remove her pacifier her tears light up on her face while she makes realistic baby sounds. When you put the pacifier back in, her face glows with a soothing night light effect and when you press her belly, she plays 5 soothing lullabies. The perfect transition from playtime into naptime is now just a Cry Baby away with Goodnight Coney!
Age: +18 months MSRP: $24.99 Availability: Fall 2020

As it says in the blurb, the tears light up. That’s because instead of using water to make Coney cry, it has blue LEDs built into the face. This will keep beds from getting wet, but still give your child the same effect. The lullabies also will stop playing after 10 minutes, do you won’t need to worry about creeping in to turn it off later at night.

Kristal’s Igloo will come with a Cry Baby figure of Kristal as well as a snowboard, scarf, and googles. It’s big selling point is the magic snow that will create fake snow inside of her igloo.

If you want to go a more collectible route, IMC will have a couple products that are right up your alley.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged Houses
Introducing the all NEW Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged Houses! Inside each shimmering Winged House, discover a Cry Babies Magic Tears doll dazzling with their own glittery design. Feed your doll water with their baby bottle, squeeze their bellies and watch them magically cry colorful tears! Every little cutie comes with 6 glitter accessories: a winged magic bottle, pacifier, and either a bow and a toy wagon or a bib and a highchair, a customized blanket and personalized stickers. Plus – 2 accessories that match your doll’s unique personality! Make sure to look out for the rare diamond bow or pacifier in your Winged House! There are 12+ surprise dolls to collect. If you’re lucky you’ll find the exclusive rare character that has a magical color changing onesie!
Check out Kitoons on Youtube to discover the adventures of Cry Babies Magic Tears’ new Fantasy world!
Age: 3+
MSRP: $9.99 Availability: Fall 2020

And the second one is the Paci Houses.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House
Introducing the Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci Houses. The water activated house magically opens with tears! Use the pipette to drop tears and like magic it will pop open! Unveil the cutest glittery Cry Babies Magic Tears and 8 fun accessories: 4 common and 4 completely customized. Most of the accessories are concealed in a compartment, spin to discover each one! For even more magic, all 6+ surprise dolls cry colorful tears! Look out for the exclusive rare character – her onsie glows in the dark!
Age: ​3+ Availability​: Fall

Cry Babies looks set for another successful year.

The VIP Pets is an all new line of dogs with the most impressive hair you’ve ever seen. 12-inches of hair to be precise.

Unwrap the package, pour in some water, and see the towel around your pets hair magically disappear. Once you’re done there, use the included accessories to get your pet salon ready.

VIP Pets

Meet the VIP Pets, the most fashionable dogs around! Each of the six fashionistas have lusciously long hair and unique personalities to match. What connects them all? Their passion for fabulous hair of course!

They like to wear their hair in different styles, depending on the occasion but they need your help to create the perfect look. To get styling, pour water onto the towel that covers the top of their head. Little by little, watch as the towel magically fades away to reveal your VIP Pet’s colorful hair! Using the 8 accessories included, you can create the coolest looks and become a pro hairstylist just like the VIP Pet’s friends Fabio and Fabia!

Be salon- ready with the all new VIP Pets animated series on Kitoons on YouTube!

Age: 3+
Availability: Fall 2020

Bloopies Shellies are coming, and they’re bringing you mermaid fun.

Put the shell in water, and watch as it slowly opens up. Once it does, use the included “treasure map” to get her pearl out of the top half of the shell.

Bloopies Shellies

In the deep blue sea, a mystical world of mermaids awaits! Bloopies Shellies are the cutest collectibles that live inside a colorful shell! Yours to discover, meet your mystery mermaid by submerging your shell into water and watch as it magically opens! Which mermaid will you get? It’s always a surprise! There are 12 characters to find, plus 1 rare and 1 ultra rare mermaid with pearlescent tails. Bloopies Shellies will be your best underwater friend, they even make bubbles and squirt water!

Use your doll’s unique map to solve their maze and discover your Bloopies Shellies’ pearl and her most prized possession! Bloopies Shellies don’t like to go anywhere without their pearl, and don’t need to, thanks to their special belt. Your shell transforms into a little bag with a chain, so you can take your Bloopies Shellies everywhere!

Swim along with Bloopies Shellies in their new web series on Kitoons on YouTube!

Age: 3+
MSRP: $9.99 Availability: Fall 2020

In a short time with them, they’re cute and adorable, and we can’t wait to put a few in water!



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