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Street Sharks launching revival toyline with three new figures

by Sean P. Aune | March 14, 2024March 14, 2024 11:21 am EDT

Mattel is releasing new Street Sharks figures to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the toyline.

Mattel has been basking in the pink-hued glow of the Barbie movie as of late, but the company is now looking to spread some love also looking ahead. Following up on the nostalgic relaunches of lines such as Masters of the Universe, Mattel has unveiled the first looks at the new Street Sharks.

Announced last summer, Mattel has shown off new versions of Ripster, Jab, and Slash. All three figures will be up for preorder on Walmart on March 15.

PJ Lewis, VP of Global Marketing and Executive Lead for Action Figures said of the revival last year, “I think one of the things Mattel has done very well is manage the nostalgia aspect of [collecting], and Street Sharks and Mighty Max, I feel like it fits perfectly. Mattel has one of the richest IP libraries in pop culture, and I think the retro-nostalgic brands — be it Street Sharks, Mighty Max, and more — have opportunities of being reinvented. And at the same time, have opportunities for fans that grew up with them to relive some of those memories and storylines, and own a piece of that as an adult.”

“You have to make sure that the specific characters that we have are delivered in an authentic manner. As we like to say, there’s always a modern interpretation of a classic character,” said Lewis. “And that doesn’t necessarily mean a new look. [It] could mean enhanced articulation, could mean an improved deco [paint], right? If you have one of these old figures, and you’re lucky enough to either have it in [the] package or [haven’t] touched it in a long time, great! If you’re not holding on to one of those, and want a realistic interpretation of this memory of yours in the nineties, we want to make that available to you in that instance.”

The company did make one dive into the line in 2021 with some new figures based on unused designs.

Street Sharks Figures (Ripster, Slash, Jab)

SRP: $24.99 | 6Y+| Available for Pre-Sale at Walmart on March 15th

  • Half shark, half man, fighting evil, that’s the plan for these fin-tastic nostalgic action figures.
  • 2024 will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the animated Street Sharks TV show.
  • Collector-focused but kid-friendly, these figures feature real feel skin, modern articulation, chomping jaws and modular shark cage accessories that can fit together to form larger cages.
  • These 6 to 6.5-inch tall toys are sure to appeal to collectors who grew up watching the crime-fighting super-heroes.

If the line will move on from here remains to be seen. In the promo video released alongside this news, there are definite hints that more will be coming in the future.


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