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Snap Ships Review – Ships fly into the toy aisles for hours of fun

by Sean P. Aune | July 27, 2020July 27, 2020 8:30 am EDT

Anyone who has watched sci-fi movies has dreamt about building and designing their own spaceships. But unless you’re a computer whiz there’s just no easy way to do it.

But what if you could buy a kit filled with the building blocks to make your starship dreams come true? That day has arrived and it’s called Snap Ships.

We got our first look at Snap Ships back at Toy Fair, and we have been waiting to get them in our hands. The folks over at PlayMonster sent us two sets – Scarab and Sabre – and we got to building.

The system is built on a block and pin system that makes for a surprisingly durable toy when you’re done building. The ships don’t feel the least bit fragile and in our prolonged testing, we didn’t ever feel like parts were going to fall off. And this is clearly something PlayMonster expected as each set comes with a tool to separate the pieces.

With sets such as the two we were sent, you are provided with instructions to build three different ships using the same parts. If you glance through our gallery you can see the three main ships you can build with the Scarab set, and one of the versions from the Sabre set.

No matter which ship we were building, none of them ever felt difficult to put together, and they were quick and easy builds.

The play value doesn’t end with the instructions, however. There is a free Snap Ships app for iOS and Android that will allow you to ‘fly’ the ships into battle and play with them in AR. There are directions in there for additional designs, and as you level up you unlock more designs. You can then follow step-by-step directions for more variations, and even combining multiple sets.

We played around for a few minutes and combined our two sets just grabbing pieces and came up with a bulky heavy fighter we were pretty happy with.

Need even more free content? Then head over to the Snap Ships YouTube channel for videos on each set as well as some background story.

Ultimately, as we play with the two sets we have, we find ourselves drifting frequently looking at the other sets, and thinking, “Oh, I’d like to have those missile launchers from the Gladius drop ship…” and we immediately realize that perhaps we’re hooked on Snap Ships.

Snap Ships are available now and range from $11.99 to $44.99, but you can find them cheaper as you look around.

Thank you to PlayMonster for providing us with the sets for the purposes of this review.


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