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She-Hulk season 2 looking unlikely according to Tatiana Maslany

by Sean P. Aune | January 17, 2024January 17, 2024 12:49 pm EST

It doesn’t appear that She-Hulk season 2 will be heading to Disney Plus any time soon.


Following season 1, which received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike, it seems that She-Hulk may not be starring in her own series going forward.

Appearing on the Codenames LIVE! – The New Class live stream, series star Tatiana Maslany was asked about the chances of a season 2 of the series. She replied, “I don’t think so. I think we blew our budget, and Disney was like, ‘No thanks.'”

The first season of She-Hulk was rumored to have cost around $225M for the nine episodes, or $25M an episode. Since the time that series was produced, Marvel Studios has been going through a bit of an overhaul when it comes to its television productions. Not only is it cutting budgets, but it’s also cutting the number of productions it will release each year. This is going to make the available slots that much more important to the studio and is going to make them far more cautious about which productions will move forward.

This, of course, does not necessarily mean this is the last we have seen of Maslany in the role. There are multiple projects coming up in the future where even a small cameo by her would make a lot of sense if not a larger role.  The Hulks are going to be playing a bigger role in the MCU as rumors are persisting that the re-emergence of Thunderbolt Ross – now played by Harrison Ford – will lead to the introduction of the Red Hulk, our emerald friends are sure to play a role in dealing with him at some point.

And beyond that, there are two upcoming Avengers films, which are sure to bring everyone to the table in one way or another.

While she may be out of the Disney Plus realm for whatever reason, it certainly seems safe to say we haven’t seen the last of Jennifer Walters quite yet.


Sean P. Aune

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