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Power Rangers series no longer in the works at Netflix

by Sean P. Aune | June 12, 2024June 12, 2024 4:22 pm EDT

The future of the Power Rangers is looking to be up in the air as work on the Netflix reboot has come to an end.


After two years of development, it appears the Power Rangers reboot is returning to square one. According to TV Line, the project – which what being headed up by Supernatural story editor Jenny Klein as showrunner – has been killed off, leaving the franchise in limbo. Hasbro, which purchased the Power Rangers brand from Saban, is said to be looking for a new partner for the franchise.

Things have very much been up in the air with the 30-year-old franchise as Hasbro decided to not only take the series exclusively to Netflix, but also to stop using Sentai footage from Japan for the human fights. (Zord fights for Cosmic Fury were sourced from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger) Beginning with Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, the series moved to using all original U.S. footage for the Rangers, which also meant new costumes.

Concerns started to mount as no new toys were released based on Cosmic Fury. Netflix reportedly requested more episodes of the new series, but Hasbro declined so as to focus on the reboot. Production was also shut down in New Zealand after years of the series being produced there.

It was then announced earlier this year that Hasbro would no longer produce Power Rangers toys and would now be licensing the brand out to Playmates Toys for future releases.

What exactly the future holds for the beloved brand remains a big question mark for now. There is no series currently in production, and the reboot is homeless, so it may be some time before we once again here the battle cry of “It’s morphin’ time!”


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