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Paramount Pictures shuffles its movie release schedule

Paramount Pictures has joined the growing list of film studios shifting film release dates in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Movie studios are on a tear right now re-arranging their release schedules. The most recent shift was Sony Pictures, and now it is being joined by Paramount Pictures.

One of the first films to vacate a release date due to the early days of the coronavirus was A Quiet Place Part II. At that time no new release date was announced, but now we know it is moving from March 20 to Sept. 4.

The other new moves announced were for films that hadn’t been announced that they were shifting as of yet. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run is moving from May 22 to July 31.

The most notable move, however, is Top Gun Maverick is moving from June 24 to Dec. 23. This may not be the wisest move as right now Dec. is shaping up to be a massive battleground. As it stands right now, Dec. is still slated to see the releases of Tom & Jerry from Warner Bros., The Nightingale from Sony, The Croods 2 from DreamWorks Animation, Disney’s West Side Story, Warner Bros. Dune, and even Paramount’s Coming to America 2.

As we said, this is the schedule for now, but there seem destined to be more changes coming down the road as this pandemic continues.


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