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Mega Man: Fully Charged Trailer and Episode 1 preview – It’s Time to go Mega

by Ron Duwell | July 24, 2018July 24, 2018 9:30 am EDT

As promised, Mega Man: Fully Charged showed up at Comic-Con 2018 with both a trailer for the upcoming cartoon series and a preview of the first episode. The show is set to air every Sunday at 6:30 AM EST/PT on Cartoon Network starting on Aug.5.

The official YouTube channel for the cartoon is now live and contains both the trailer and the preview.

The trailer spells out Mega Man: Fully Charged’s themes of the fragile co-existence between robots and humans as Mega Man struggles to defend it from those who would disturb the balance… all while balancing his own life between school and the never-ending fight for justice!


In the trailer, he battles reinterpretations of Fire Man from Mega Man, Spark Man from Mega Man 3,  Drill Man from Mega Man 4, and Wave Man from Mega Man 5. His choices of weapons also suggest that Ice Man from Mega Man, or one of the ice-themed Robot Masters, and Shadow Man from Mega Man 3 will also appear in the show.

As for the preview, it shows how the show incorporates pixelated segments and screen wipes as a nod towards the series classic roots. That intro song also comes straight from Mega Man 2, hopefully showing that the writers know where to take proper inspiration from.

Plus, Fire Man’s portrayal as a sympathetic villain is pretty clever.

Mega Man: Fully Charged will begin airing Sundays at 6:30 AM EST/PT from Aug. 5 on Cartoon Network. Ugh, who is awake at 6:30 AM on a Sunday? It’s almost like this show is aimed for children!