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HBO Max merger with Discovery Plus may not be happening

by Sean P. Aune | February 9, 2023February 9, 2023 8:30 am EST

It seems that plans for the upcoming relaunch of HBO Max may not be quite as settled as everyone thought they were.


For months now, everyone has been working under the assumption that Warner Bros. Discovery would be relaunching HBO Max under a new name, with The HBO and Discovery Plus content coming under one banner. There was even a name floating around that the retooled service would simply be called “Max.” A new report, and some new evidence, seems to suggest all of those rumors were incorrect.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday morning, Warner Bros. Discovery is now rethinking its strategy. According to sources with knowledge of the plans, the newly merged company is finding that Discovery customers are not warming to the idea of paying more for the same content. Currently, HBO Max is $16 a month, or $10 on its ad-supported tier. The similar tiers on Discovery Plus are currently priced at $7 and $5 a month, respectively.

Currently, discussions are veering towards Discovery Plus remaining as a stand-alone service to continue supporting those customers.

While the name of the new service was not discussed in the report, a mysterious new Twitter account has been discovered called “WBDPlus.” The account is currently locked and not accepting followers. It also has not been verified as of yet, but the artwork certainly seems to fall in with traditional Warner Bros. branding.

WBDPlus Twitter Account

This may be nothing, or it could be the name of the service. We’ll just havr to wait and see. The service is expected to launch sometime in the coming weeks after Warner Bros. Discovery announced it was moving up its timeline. What new content it will be home to with this supposed change in plans remains to be seen.


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