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Godzilla TV series will feature plenty of Titans

by Sean P. Aune | February 12, 2023February 12, 2023 8:30 am EST

If you were worried about a lack of Titans in the upcoming Godzilla TV series, it seems you can put those fears to bed.


As difficult as it may be to believe, Godzilla is heading to the small screen on Apple TV Plus. The MonsterVerse series is currently in the works, and Matt Shakman, one of the people behind the series, has offered a new update. Speaking with Collider recently, he discussed Godzilla’s role int he series, saying, “He has a very important role to play, and how he factors into the series is a big part of it. So that was the bigger driver, and he’s not the only Titan that you’re gonna meet along the way.”

A potentially even bigger question is if the films and TV show will interest, but that seems a bit more complicated. “There is some overlap, though we were not heavily involved in talking about it with Adam Wingard and his team. Legendary is the studio for our show, as well as for the films, and so they sort of sit at the juncture there between the two, and they have a mythology department there which is wonderful,” Shakman said. “They weigh in on how things might overlap, how certain creatures need to stay on one side or the other, and so there is a lot of conversation about it. But in terms of how closely the narratives overlap, it’s not as involved to say, an MCU kind of Disney Plus film crossover. It’s less organized.”

We’ll have to see if anything gets confused, but so long as we see Kaiju fighting, we’re guessing most people will be satisfied.

No word as of yet on the premiere date for the TV series.


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