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Descendants spinoff film heading to Disney Plus

by Sean P. Aune | May 11, 2022May 11, 2022 8:30 am EDT

It seems that Disney isn’t done with the Descendants series after all as a new spinoff is heading to Disney Plus.


Disney revealed to Deadline it is working on a Descendants spinoff tenatively entitled The Pocketwatch. Jennifer Phang (Advantageous, Half-Life) is set to direct and serve as co-executive produce, while Dan Frey and Russell Sommer (Magic: The Gathering) are scripting. Production will reportedly begin in the fall.

The original films aired on the Disney Channel in 2015 and told the story of the children of some of the greatest Disney villains. The new film will feature seven new songs along with some classics. The story will follow Red, the rebellious teen daughter of the Queen of Hearts and Chloe, the daughter of Cinderella. They will have to team up as a coup is on the horizon in Auradon as a royal baby is due at any moment. The two of them will have to travel back in time via the White Rabbit’s pocket watch to stop the event before it can happen.

“With a captivating script and Jennifer Phang’s directorial vision, we’re setting a new high bar of creativity and imagination, with a movie that ups the ante on story, song and dance to entertain young viewers, their families, and the global fan base that grew up with the aspirational story of Descendants,” said Ayo Davis, president, Disney Branded Television. “We join them in anticipation as we prepare to deliver a great new entertainment experience to Disney+.

“The Pocketwatch presents a delightful canvas with fantastical world-building,” said Phang. “Musicals sparked my imagination when I was a kid and are a huge part of what drew me to filmmaking. I think that’s because they have a way of conveying these lovely, nuanced ideas through song and expressive movement. I’m also always inspired by the diversity of families that exist all around the world. So I really jumped at the chance to craft a supercharged musical experience and explore some new, invigorating themes inside an expansive Disney universe.”

No word as of yet as to a possible release date for The Pocketwatch.


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