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The Winchesters and Kung Fu canceled at The CW

by Sean P. Aune | May 11, 2023May 11, 2023 4:56 pm EDT

The CW’s transformation continues as the network says goodbye to The Winchesters and Kung Fu.


The CW is in the middle of some massive changes as Nexstar has taken full ownership of the network. Among those is a bit of house-cleaning when it comes to expensive teen-friendly dramas the network was known for. As we approach the major fall announcements, two more series have been canceled.

Kung Fu will end with its current third season, and The Winchesters, the prequel to Supernatural, will close out with just one season.

“As we reimagine the new CW, we had to make some tough programming decisions,” The CW said in a statement. “We thank our partners at Warner Bros. and the casts and creative teams of Kung Fu and The Winchesters for all their hard work, creativity, and dedication.”

The only three series still left undecided are All-American, Gotham Knights, and Superman & Lois. It is unclear for the time being which direction The CW is leaning on any of the three. Walker: Independence was canceled earlier in the week, and executive producer Jared Padalecki has stated they are shopping for a new home for it.


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