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Apple TV Plus Review – A service in search of content

by Sean P. Aune | December 3, 2023December 3, 2023 10:30 am EST

If you own an Apple device, it can be tempting to subscribe to Apple TV Plus, but there are definitely some things to consider, namely the lack of content. Join us as we dive into the ins-and-outs of the service in our Apple TV Plus review.



When it comes to content on Apple TV Plus, this is the weakest spot on the service. While nearly every service has original content to offer you, those are usually backed up by a large selection of library TV shows and movies. Apple TV Plus has opted to focus solely on original content meaning that the amount of content on offer is minuscule compared to most other services.

It’s clear that Apple has tried to frame its service as a home of prestige content, but it has been a mixed bag to say the least. For every first season of Ted Lasso, there is a third season waiting in the wings. There is just not enough content here to warrant awarding it a permanent spot in your streaming arsenal.


With the fairly low amount of content on Apple TV Plus. navigation never feels challenging. You can find content by genres which are broken down multiple different ways making nearly any Apple TV Plus original easy to find fairly quickly.

It never feels overwhelming and is fairly straightforward. Considering Apple’s reputation for design, the streaming services look is pretty run-of-the-mill and basic, which isn’t always a bad thing.

How Much Does Apple TV Plus Cost?

Apple TV Plus offers a free trial with the purchase of many of its devices as well as with some Rokus and other streaming devices. If you decide to keep it, the price is $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

Who is Apple TV Plus For?

People looking for prestige television and films would be the key demographic in most cases, but the content fails to live up to that standard at all times.

Apple TV Plus Review Verdict

What’s the conclusion of our Apple TV Plus review? We suggest you subscribe to Apple TV Plus for a month here or there and binge-watch any content you want. An annual subscription does not make sense at this time. As more and more services are raising their prices, and it’s going to become harder to decide which ones to keep, Apple TV Plus is an easy choice for a “subscribe for a month and cancel” model of viewing.

At the old price of $4.99 a month/$49.99 a year, it was easy to just subscribe to it and not worry about it, but with the pricing having doubled in 2023 to $9.99 a month/$99 it is a much harder recommendation. With so many services offering a much deeper breadth of content, old and new, your subscription dollars are much better spent going somewhere else.

Apple TV Plus Stats

  • Devices Available On:
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Android Devices
    • Apple TV
    • Computers
    • Google TV
    • iOS Devices
    • PlayStation 4
    • PlayStation 5
    • Roku
    • Smart TVs
    • Windows Apps
    • Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S
  • Login Method: Onscreen Keyboard, QR code, and on the Web.
  • Concurrent Streams: Yes. Six.
  • Profiles: Yes
  • Offline Viewing: Yes (on iPhone, iPad, and Macs)
  • Streaming Device Reviewed On: Roku
  • Region Tested: U.S.

Disclaimer: We tried Apple TV Plus out over three months. The subscription was paid for with company funds.


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