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Marvel Snap Best Decks for Beginners – Get in on the fun!

by Sean P. Aune | November 20, 2022November 20, 2022 8:30 am EST

Marvel Snap is all the rage right now in mobile games, but if you’ve never played a collectible card game before, it can be a bit overwhelming. Marvel Snap best decks for beginners come in all shapes and sizes, but these three should be pretty easy for anyone to assemble and start winning with.


Cards are split into pools, and which ones you have access to depends on your collection level. We’ll be focusing only on cards from the first pool to help you build.

Swarm Deck

Marvel Snap Swarm Deck - Pool 1

Courtesy Marvel Snap Zone

A swarm deck is always a good starting point. You always have something to play on your turn, and it just keeps building upon itself. This style of deck dates back to the earliest days of Magic: The Gathering, and is a proven winner in just about every game out there.

The strategy is simple: in the first two turns get as many cards on the board as you can. At Ant-Man’s location leave the fourth slot ready for either Captain America or Wolfsbane to get the most power possible out of those 3 energy cards.

At your second location is where you will want to play Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel as they will feed the first location with more power while also being a good base amount to win a second.

Try to focus on just two locations as going for all three will spread you too thin.

You’ll be surprised how powerful your two locations get, and this is a great deck to continue tweaking as you get into the higher collection scores.

Devil Dinosaur Deck

Marvel Snap Devil Dinosaur Deck - Pool 1

Courtesy Marvel Snap Zone

If you’re looking for a bit more raw power, then look no further than a Devil Dinosaur deck. This is far more of a slow play than the Swarm deck, but your opponent won’t know what you’re building toward until turn 4 at the earliest.

Use Medusa and Mister Fantastic to help you out on the middle location, and from there, pick the left or right location to focus more of your work.

Remember, this deck works off of feeding cards into your hand to give Devil Dinosaur more power in the end stages. Use Moon Girl to double your card count in your hand, but only when you have 3 or fewer cards. You can only hold 7, so if you use her at 4 or more some cards won’t copy and you won’t pull a card on the next turn.

If at all possible, wait until the last turn to drop Devil Dinosaur so they don’t know where he will land and will have a far more difficult time countering him.


On Reveal Deck

Marvel Snap On Reveal Odin Deck - Pool 1

Courtesy Marvel Snap Zone

An On Reveal deck keeps your opponent hopping. Every time a card drops it changes up their strategy. This type of deck is much more about you steering the play and making them react to your choices. And if the Kamar-Taj location is in play, each On Reveal effect happens twice there, making for some super exciting play.

But at the end of the day, this is about getting Odin into play as he will make your cards run their abilities a second time. But if you play him on Kamar-Taj, not only does he run all the effects there a second time, but also a third time. Pair this with White Tiger and your opponent will be rethinking some life choices.

Keep your wits about you because this one does keep the game moving rapidly with the effects constantly changing the flow of the game. And with the amount of power you’re bringing on to the board, you can think about playing at all three locations this time around.

As with any card game, no deck is perfect for every player. Remember that while a theme deck brings you a lot of synergies, it also leaves you open to very focused counterattacks. In the last deck, we had you include Enchantress which removes abilities from all Ongoing cards at her location. As an example, some folks play Ongoing based decks and they very much don’t want to see her enter the board.

Use these decks as starting points and fine-tune as you go. And as you add cards from the higher pools, you’ll find even more combinations that better suit your style of play.

You can download Marvel Snap for Android, iOS, and your desktop.


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