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Amazon Prime Video is the king of streaming TV

by Sean P. Aune | July 12, 2020July 12, 2020 12:13 pm EDT

When anyone discusses streaming, Netflix is almost always mentioned as the pinnacle of the technology. But it seems that in at least one category it has fallen into third place.

A new study by the folks at ReelGood – in cooperation with PC Mag – has found that Amazon Prime Video has quietly climbed its way to be the leader in the streaming wars when it comes to licensed television series. As it stands right now, the service offers 2,102 with Hulu in second place with 1,654.

ReelGood - Licensed TV Shows - 07-20 - 01

If you adjust the study to focus on quality – defined as a show rated 6.5 or higher on IMDB – Hulu takes over the top spot and moves Amazon Prime Video to second place.

ReelGood - Licensed TV Shows - 07-20 - 02

This is just another feather in Amazon’s cap when it comes to the service. For a long time we’ve called it one of the best values due to all of the other perks that comes with a membership, but this definitely ups that even more.

Next time you don’t think there’s anything worth watching, open up Amazon Prime Video and see what TV shows you can check out.



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