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5 Surprise line from Zuru goes big for the holidays

by Sean P. Aune | November 30, 2021November 30, 2021 8:30 am EST

5 Surprise from Zuru is going all out this holiday season with a wide-selection of options that are sure to fit someone on your gift list.

The 5 Surprise line has been around for a few years now and just keeps growing. If you’re looking for something to grab this holiday season, there are some definite winning choices for you. Zuru sent us over a few pieces for us to look at and photograph as well as some official photos for us to share.

First up are the mini stores. These each took about an hour to assemble, but they were easy and a lot of fun. With lots of little bags to open, it’s sure to keep someone occupied for quite some time. Add in that they come with exclusive “products,” and they are sure fire winners.

5 Surprise Mini Brands Mini Convenience Store

Build, display and expand your Mini Brands world with the newest playset replica, a 24-hour Convenience Store. The realistic Convenience Store design includes extendable shelving, fridge, drink dispenser, slushie machine, grab-n-go food warmer, as well as one exclusive Mini Brand.  Bringing collectability, role play and storage, 5 Surprise Mini Brands Mini Convenience Store is the perfect playset! Ages 4+, SRP $14.99, Available at Amazon and Walmart!

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Mini Toy Store

Build, store and display over 100 Toy Mini Brands with the ultimate toy store playset.  The 5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Mini Toy Store includes shelves, accessories and magical extras like hidden compartments as well as a modular base allowing collectors to connect multiple units to build out an extraordinary little shopping world!  Includes 3 exclusive mini toys, only available in the Toy Store. Ages 4+, SRP of $29.99  Available at Walmart and Amazon!

Next up is the return of Mini Brands for Series 3, and this time there is an Advent Calendar as well. The bonus to the calendar being more exclusive items to add to your collection!

5 Surprise Mini Brands Advent Calendar

ZURU’s Mini Brands Series 3 – 24 Surprise Pack is the ultimate unboxing experience. This megapack features 24 of your favorite Minis, including 6 exclusive Minis not found anywhere else. This limited-edition Mini Brands assortment is the ultimate Christmas present. You can unbox them 1-per-day or if you are feeling a little crazy with excitement – open all of them at once. But hurry – this is LIMITED EDITION!! Ages 3+, SRP $29.99, Available at Amazon and Walmart and

5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 3

Wholly Guacamole! The third series of the trend-setting 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 3 hits shelves in July, bringing 100 new iconic shopping brands to miniature form. From the shape and color to the ingredients and barcodes, every aspect of favorite shopping brands like Wholly Guacamole, ICEE Cups, TGI Fridays, Bevita and PEZ are replicated perfectly to scale. 5 Surprise Mini Brands user-generated-content has clocked more than 3B views on TikTok! Collect them all to create or enhance your mini shopping world.  Ages 4+, SRP $6.99, Available at Walmart and Amazon!

Other sets that are currently available include:

5 Surprise Monster Trucks –  Bringing together the most epic racing vehicles, the all new capsules bring a scary spin to the 5 Surprise unboxing experience.  Uncover, build, and swap to determine who runs the streets! Every capsule includes a car body, rear bumpers, weapon launcher, swappable RPG, front bumpers and wheels. Seven types including Cyborg X, Giant Spider, Shark destroyer, Venom Wasp, T-Rex Crusher, Terror Skull and the rare Ghost Rider. Ages 4+, SRP $6.99. Available at Amazon!

5 Surprise Unicorn Newborn Squad Series 4 

Meet the baby squad! Eight adorable Unicorn babies join the 5 Surprise squad, each featuring distinctive, adorable hairstyles, and accessories!   Each capsule turns into a rocking crib and reveals a blanket, bottle, binky, and a rattle. Ages 4+, SRP $5.99. Available at Amazon and Walmart!

New series arriving in December include:

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Series 2 

It’s a mini toy-a-palooza as more than 60 new toys, including enduring favorites from Build-a-Bear Workshop, Care Bears and Razor, shrink down in size to join ZURU 5 S urprise Toy Mini Brands, a 2022 Toys of the Year (TOTY) Finalists. Made exactly to match their full-sized counterparts down to the packaging and bar codes, 5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Series Two is a perfect stocking stuffer and arrives on Target shelves in December, just in time for last minute holiday shopping.

Combining surprise unboxing and novelty collectables, each compartment in the iconic 5 Surprise Mini Toys Brands reveals four mini toys and a toy shop accessory, such as a shopping basket, cart, shopping bag and retail shelves.  The new series includes iconic brands from SpinMaster such as Air Hogs Thunder Trax and Hedbanz Core Game, Wham-O’s Frisbee Pro-Classic Pink, Crayola Glitter Markers and Washable Chalk as well as items from ZURU’s wildly popular Rainbocorns, RoboAlive, Sparkle Girlz among others. 

Collectors of all ages can chase for rare, super rare gold and metallic mini toys, including Build-A-Bear Workshop Lil Brownie Cub, Care Bears “Unlock the Magic” Funshine Bear and WowWee’s Lucky Fortune. Perfect for kids 4+, kids at heart and collectors of all ages, ZURU Toy Mini Brands Series 2 will be available at Target in December, Ages 4+, SRP $6.99. Available exclusively at Target – December!

5 Surprise Mini Brands Gold Rush

ZURU’s best-selling 5 Surprise Mini Brands goes gold!  The limited-edition 5 Surprise Mini Brands Gold Rush brings three dozen miniatures of favorite shopping brands like Old Bay, Babybel, Velveeta Shells and Cheese, gold or rose gold!  The limited-run also includes a gold shopping cart and basket!  From the shape and color to the ingredients and barcodes, every aspect of favorite shopping brands are replicated perfectly to scale.  One of the hottest collectibles and trends on the market, 5 Surprise Mini Brands user-generated content have generated more than 3B views on Tik Tok!  Ages 4+, SRP $6.99, Available in December at Target!

No matter what strikes your interest, there is going to be a 5 Surprise on the shelves for you this holiday season!

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